What Does He REALLY Mean
When He Says “___________”!?!

Live Coaching + Q&A Hotline Call with Marni Battista & Christian Anderson (co-host of The Dating Den)

Join this call to discover what the cutie is actually thinking!

Title: LOST IN MANSLATION {What Does He REALLY Mean He Says “_______________”!?!}

Hosts: Marni Battista & Christian Anderson, co-hosts of The Dating Den

Cost: FREE Live Teleclass!

Date: Thursday, April 12th

Time: 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Conference Line: Emailed to you immediately upon registration

Access PIN #: Emailed to you immediately upon registration

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  • Unfortunately, I had a concert that evening and the "after concert" demands ran later than expected, so…I missed this event. Sad and sorry to have missed it! Thanks for offering it!!

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